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Franchise Law Attorneys

Everyone knows McDonalds. With its golden arches popping up on virtually every corner of the world, it is one of the largest and most successful franchise systems ever created. However, there are a lot of you striving for the same type of franchising success every day, but are unsure of the steps to take to franchise your business model.

With the attorneys at Schnelker, Rassi & McConnell, be assured that you are in the hands of experienced legal counsel in dealing with the complex issues related to franchise law.

Franchise Your Business

Franchisors must comply with federal disclosure rules as well as registration requirements in each state in which they desire to sell their franchises. Therefore, any potential national franchise must utilize franchising attorneys who are not only familiar with federal law, but also those state laws that may impact where and in what manner a franchise desires to do business.

At Schnelker, Rassi & McConnell, our franchise attorneys are experienced in all aspects of franchising; from initial issues related to state and federal registration and disclosure, to ongoing issues such as contract drafting and review, litigation, and real estate leasing and acquisition, including the following:

  • Creation and maintenance of franchise distribution systems
  • Sale or acquisition of franchise and distribution systems
  • Franchise registration
  • Drafting and review of franchise disclosures and related contracts, including area developer agreements and franchisor agreements
  • Royalty disputes and enforcement of franchisors’ quality standards

Experienced, Knowledgeable Franchise Attorneys

Our firm is proud to represent businesses and individuals throughout the Greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas.  For more information on the Franchise Services we offer or to discuss any questions you may have regarding the franchising of your business, please contact Andrew Rassi at 616.828.5375.

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