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Lake Michigan Property Law Attorneys

Our Lake Michigan waterfront property experience is rivaled by few law firms in the West Michigan area. Our real estate attorneys and litigators excel in recognizing and resolving many of the issues uniquely related to the purchase of multi-million dollar property on the shores of Lake Michigan.

From cottage ownership and critical dune areas to boundary disputes and access rights, our attorneys are familiar with the nuances of purchasing Lake Michigan waterfront property including:

  • Critical Dune Areas
  • Easement, Parking, & Access Agreements
  • Waterfront Cooperatives
  • Sale by Owner Transactions
  • Development & Construction Permitting
  • Family Cottage Ownership
  • Family Limited Partnership (FLP) & Family Limited Liability Company (FLLC)
  • Boundary & View Disputes
  • Public vs. Private Beach Disputes

Residential & Vacation Property

In many instances, Lake Michigan property has been passed down from generation to generation and may present unique title predicaments.  Careful review, by a qualified attorney, is imperative.

At Schnelker, Rassi & McConnell, we work closely with your real estate agent on these issues to make sure that the significant investment you are making is protected and you are able to use it the way you intended.

Expert Lake Michigan Property Attorneys

If you have any questions regarding your Lake Michigan Property or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique circumstances, please contact Jason Schnelker, Andrew Rassi, or Wade McConnell at 616.828.1195.

For more information on our Lake Michigan Property services, please visit our Lake Michigan Property FAQ section.